The Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni

Period: July
The festival is among the oldest, if not the oldest in Italy. Due to its average duration of 6 days (two weekends in July) and its large scale (the entire castle), it gets to be the true and public Trojan horse to attract tourism throughout the whole year in this area.
The festival is the quintessential image of the Monteriggioni cultural district; it represents the event that captures media and appeals to the collective imagination of people.
From an economic point of view, it helps in giving supra-local visibility to Monteriggioni’s cultural heritage (historical, artistic, landscape, artisanal, eno-gastronomic) and, acting as an attraction for Italian and foreign visitors, it brings new opportunities for development, increasing the flow of tourists as well as enhancing local development. In this sense, the festival represents the main and primary event to build the image of Monteriggioni, its real calling card, spreading the territory’s brand and appeal.