SP 62 - Località Curina,
53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga (Italy)
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Archipelago of the Sienese Hills

Archipelago of the Sienese Hills

One of the best known and most appreciated excellences in the world is produced in our territory: Chianti, an evocative name that brings to mind unique images and flavors. Villa Curina is located in one of the "production islands" within what is called the "Archipelago of the Sienese Hills", in the Gallo Nero area.

The variety of this territory is particularly favorable to the vine and defines the unmistakable characteristics of the wine that is produced.

Chianti is also defined as a wine "for all meals" as it goes perfectly with all the products of the territory, from Tuscan salami and cheeses, to soups of peasant origin to Florentine steak or the precious Cinta Senese meat.

In our restaurant "Il Convito di Curina" it is possible to taste delicious typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition ac-companied by the best wines of the area for a total food and wine experience.

>>>Picture by Gabriele Ruffoli