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Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni

Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni

Period: July 2021

The festival is among the oldest, if not the oldest, in Italy and has never been interrupted for years. In its average duration of 6 days (two weekends in July) and in the great proportions it assumes (the whole castle), it is the real trojan horse, public, to bring tourism all year round in this district. The festival is the image par excellence of the cultural district Monteriggioni; it is the event that "holes" the information and the collective imagination of the people.

From the economic point of view, it contributes to give supra-local visibility to the cultural heritage (historical, artistic, landscape, handicraft, food and wine) and, consequently, to attract Italian and foreign visitors, offering new opportunities for development, increasing the flow of tourism and local development. From this point of view and in our specific case, the festival, therefore, represents the main and fundamental event to build the image of Monteriggioni; it is its business card destined to spread its brand and the appeal of the territory.