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Salvador Dalì a Siena

Salvador Dalì a Siena

Given the great success of the public, the beautiful exhibition "Salvador Dalì in Siena" has been officially extended until 30 April 2023. Organized by The Dalí Universe and set up in one of the most prestigious buildings in the center of Siena, the Palazzo delle Papesse, the exhibition reveals the works of Dalí in which the Master of Surrealism has transformed the fundamental concepts of physics and mathematics: space, time and gravity. Dalí manages to sublimate the greatest discoveries of his time in simple, surreal, evocative images: the soft clocks, which represent Time and its relativity, the drawers, symbol of the unconscious, the references to mathematics, to Platonic solids, to golden section and the fourth dimension. Over 150 works, including large bronze sculptures, graphic and glass paste works, furnishings and works in gold and diamonds

Villa Curina Resort is pleased to be a Guest Partner: our guests can benefit from an exclusive discount on the entrance ticket, avoid the queue at the ticket office, and possibly book their visit comfortably in the structure.

For a holiday dedicated to relaxation, good food and art.

“The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.”

Salvador Dali